Since 2015, a group of leading Surinamese producers have bundled their expertise in the Suriname Furniture Group (SFG) and entered into a quality commitment. The group consist of companies, that manufacture furniture and building materials out of Amazonian hardwood from the Surinamese forest.  

Suriname is the greenest country in the world and has the greatest diversity and uniqueness in wood species. Our country has the first and strictest forest management system which ensures that our entire industry is 100% sustainable and meets all international conservation standards. Our centuries long tradition and experience with hard wood products, combined with our multicultural heritage translates into a contemporary Caribbean style with European flair. Our companies are highly adaptable and specialize in tailor made solutions. 

The principal objective of the group is to promote and stimulate the export of the wood processing industry, in particular those of its members. Products range from furniture to flooring, doors and paneling. SFG aims to professionalize the wood processing industry by working together and supporting each other. After all, together we stand strong.

SFG consists of the following members:

Mr. Benito Chin Ten Fung
Caribbean Parquet Flooring NV

Mrs. Marjon Ferrier-Dilweg
Randoe Suriname NV

Mr. Gregory Markiet
Remas NV

Ms. I-Ling Tjon Pian Gi
Marguerite NV

Mr. Alfons van Dal
Snofla meubelbedrijf

Mr. Anand Poeran
S. Poeran NV

Ms. Dorothy Krolis
Suriname Furniture Group
Project coordinator 

Suriname Furniture Group works together with: